PARE Model


Carlynn Fagnant, Julia C. Schedler, Katherine B. Ensor


July 14, 2023

Point-to-Area Random Effects

Link to this project’s Github Repo (contains all datasets).

This site is a guided tutorial on fitting the Point-to-Area Random Effects model as part of the paper “Spatial-Temporal Extreme Modeling for Point-to-Area Random Effects (PARE)”, presented at SDSS 2023 and submitted to the accompanying special issue of the Journal of Data Science.

This paper concerns how to model extreme values when data are available at the point level, but results are desired at the area level.

A map showing rain gauges as points and hydrologic regions as shaded areas. There are many points and three regions. Harris County (Houston, TX).

A map of the rainfall gauges (point-level data) and the hydrologic regions (areal data) used in the analysis.